This shingle-style, seven bedroom, two-story home was designed to accommodate an extended family and friends, while providing dynamic architectural interest inside and out, and offering extensive access to the unparalleled views of Nantucket Sound. Essentially a square with a forty-five degree wing, which houses the garage and two guest rooms, the home and property provide ample space for togetherness outdoors, including a long covered side porch overlooking the lawn and gardens, an outdoor kitchen and terraces, a stone fire pit, and hot tub. Inside are a spacious living room whose mirrored television turns the space into a theater at night, a dining room large enough to seat more than a dozen, and a circular cocktail area with a solid oak bar. Dedicated spaces include a first-floor laundry room, master bedroom, library alcove, an office with interior windows, a second-floor master bedroom, several guest bedrooms, an artist’s studio, laundry room, and exercise room. Spaces are delineated and the scale humanized through dropped and coffered ceilings, columns, moldings, and built-ins.

    The centerpiece of this home is the large multi-level galleria, which not only organizes and connects spaces and brings abundant light from its window-studded roof into the depths of the interior, it also acts as an architectural firmament, expanding the central energy of the home.
The front of this home feels protective and familiar, with its gables, dormers, and welcoming arched entry, while the waterside is all about the external world, with its walls of tall windows and recessed and articulated elements offering views of the seascape from many different vantage points, but it is only by walking the circulating pathway around and through the roofscape that the epic views can be fully appreciated.